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2017-03-30 01:56 BST

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0000104Canalplan [All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-05 14:47
ReporterStephen Atty 
Assigned ToNick Atty 
PlatformGenericOSN/AOS VersionN/A
Product Version9.26.6Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version9.28 
Summary0000104: Loading a Route loses the configuration needed to export to a blog
DescriptionIf you've come to canalplan from the blog plugin you should be able to plan a route and then export it back to the blog. That works fine.

If you load a route then the "Blog About This" button vanishes..
Steps To Reproduce1) Come to Canalplan from a blog
2) Load a Route
3) Blog about this button is missing
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Stephen Atty


Stephen Atty (administrator)

I think this is fixed isn't it?
Nick Atty


Nick Atty (administrator)

You're the main customer of this feature. If you think it's fixed, I'm sure it is!

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