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2017-09-20 15:32 BST

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0000301Canalplan [All Projects] Generalpublic2017-08-09 18:05
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Summary0000301: I used to be able to print off a route. I do not seem to be able to do this now.
DescriptionIn the past I have been able to print routes from my pc. I now get a message saying the file cannot be contacted.
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Shultzy (updater)

We need a bit more details. How are you generating the print file, via [Export this route] or [Create a PDF].


RUBY2345 (reporter)

I used to right click on route page and then choose print. This then printed out the route for me. I now get the message 'Cannot find, make sure the path or internet is correct'


Shultzy (updater)

Which browser are you using?


Stephen Atty (administrator)

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If its Internet Explorer 11 then its a bug that Microsoft are aware of


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