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2017-09-24 16:35 BST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003271   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-23Some french places are over escaped
  00003044   Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-23Searching leads to odd URLS
  00003015   Generalminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-23I used to be able to print off a route. I do not seem to be able to do this now.
  00002743   Route Planningminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-23Mooring times
  00002953   Bugminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-23Gazeteer on the South Stratford doesn't seem to be working. I always use it for TV bearings but I can't find a place.
  00003035   Route Planningtweakclosed (Nick Atty)2017-09-23Bridge No 176, Trent and Mersey (Hell's Kitchen)
  00003261   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-23Merge accounts not working
  000025339   Generalminornew2017-09-22Migrating to HTTPS [was: Insecure password warning in Firefox]
  000032431 Bugminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-21Logon to CanalplanAC via Google reports error 400
  00003251   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-21CP Crash on Add a Place
  0000323    Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-20Bridge symbols not updated
  00003204   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-14Mooring Ratings
  00003221   Bugcrashresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-14New version Bugs
  00003215   Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-12Consider interaction of user-selected overnight stop and flights/embankments etc
  0000316    Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-11Entity code in buttons on cruising ring selection
  00003191   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-06Report this bug: "edit_access_JSON" has no format
  00003184   Generalminorresolved2017-09-04Gazeteer not showing information
  0000300103 Bugmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-09-04Marker places appear, but only on some (one?) canal
  00002983   Route Planningminorclosed2017-09-04Designation of River Lark
  00002974   Route Planningmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-09-04Quick route calculator comma bug
  0000296114 Bugmajorclosed2017-09-04Redirections appearing in CP
  00003141   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-04History not working
  0000317    Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-03Editing rings doesn't work reliably
  00003081   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-03Oxford ring
  00003022   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-03When displaying a particular location get lots of mark place items
  0000315    Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-09-03Move data from mooring wiki to user info about the place
  00003071   Server Configurationminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-02/location/ urls should vanish
  00003132   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-08-30Access changes
  00003124   Bugmajorconfirmed (Nick Atty)2017-08-28Can't add navigational notes when not displayed
  00003111   Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-08-28Details of all changes
  00003093   Generalblockresolved (Nick Atty)2017-08-28Unable to access
  0000306    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-08-24Virtual cruise layout
  00003052   Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-08-21Inconsistent reporting of distances
  0000095121 Generalminorclosed (Stephen Atty)2017-08-09Key Logging Events
  00002913   Data Maintenanceminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-08-09Bridge/lock combinations in linear maps
  00002822   Route Planningminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-08-09Routes with all overnights
  00002492   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-08-03Problems using "preferences" from waterway gazetteers
  00002903   Route Planningmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-08-01Adjust overnight stops
  00002997   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-08-01Unable to create PDF
  00002875   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-08-01Explore not working
  00002884   Bugminorclosed2017-08-01Probem with [Free Counters]
  000027841 Route Planningminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-07-31Straight line on map
  00002773   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-07-31Feature - Froghall Tunnel not available
  00002716   Route Planningminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-07-31Boat names over-ride locations
  000028693 Bugmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-07-29Marker places always showing
  000028521 Route Planningminorclosed (Stephen Atty)2017-07-25Route calculation data iincorrect
  00002832   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-07-19Bug in Beta
  00002935   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-07-10Restore "stoppages" processing
  0000294    Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-07-10291: Bridge/lock combinations in linear maps
  00002723   Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-07-09Wizard and route planning drop-down should offer nearest navigable if nearest place is non-navigable