Jarvis Bridge

Wolverhampton Road (A4123)
The nearest place in the direction of Tat Bank Branch is Uncle Bens Bridge; 2¼ furlongs away.

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Aliance and Leicester cashpoints (ATM machines) (550 away)

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Mooring here is "tolerable" - it's just about possible if really necessary

Users' comments on mooring here
We moored here for lunch (in the pub) and a bit of shopping at Asda just up the road. Other than two girls sitting on the fore-peak, not really a problem, we had no trouble what so ever. We were able to get in relatively close to the bank, so fairly deep moorings we draw 3' 4". There are no rings and it is a solid towpath, we moored with a centre line to the pedestrian gatway
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