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The Coventry Canal is part of the Waterways of Mainland Britain and is made up of the Coventry Canal (Detached Portion) and the Coventry Canal (Main Line).

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The Canal Bridge, Canal House and the warehouses are grade II listed buildings . All boats going in and out of Coventry Canal Basin have to pass through the ...
Coventry Canal | Canal & River Trust
The Coventry Canal survived the severe bombing of the city during the blitz, but after the war was in danger of being built over. It was saved by local volunteers.
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Holiday cruising map and guide for the Coventry canal and Ashby Canal. Plan your holiday route, things to see, places to go, places to stop.
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Coventry Canal towpath forms a hidden green corridor through the city which is useful for commuting and ideal for family cycling, or for anyone wanting to ...
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Wikipedia has a page about Coventry Canal

The Coventry Canal is a navigable narrow canal in the Midlands of England.

It starts in Coventry and ends 38 miles (65 km) north at Fradley Junction, just north of Lichfield, where it joins the Trent and Mersey Canal. It also has connections with the Oxford Canal, the Ashby Canal, and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.

Some maps show the canal as a northern and a southern section, connected by a stretch of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, but others show the through route all as the Coventry Canal. This reflects a complicated period of ownership and re-leasing when the Coventry Canal company was in financial difficulties during construction.

It runs through or past the towns of Bedworth, Nuneaton, Atherstone, Polesworth and Tamworth. It is navigable for boats up to 21.9 m (72 ft) length, 2.1 m (7 ft) beam and 1.98 m (6 ft 6) headroom. It forms part of the Warwickshire ring.

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