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The tabbed pages allow you to fine-tune your preferred setting, and how much detail you want shown in the output, for how the program works.. If you want to keep your preferences for later, you should create a user account and log on before changing the preferences to exactly what you want. Then, when you save, they will be associated with your account and next time you log in will be retrieved and used for all your future planning.

The Change Preferences option can be found in Plan a journey, Waterways, and at Places where the menu items are at the bottom of each page.

Display Tab

Output Tab

Planning Tab

Speeds Tab

These options let you set how fast you typically travel on each sort of waterway, how much you like a particular type of waterway, and how fast you can work locks on each. Note that Seaways defaults to NEVER. You must change this if you want to plan trips around Trent Falls, under the Severn Bridge, across the Wash and similar.
If you like walking the tow-paths then set the lock times to zero and the boat speeds to your walking pace.

Exclusions Tab — Set which waterways are excluded.

Excluded Places and Waterways — If you want to plan a trip over a waterway that is not normally open to pleasure craft (the Manchester Ship Canal, or a waterway under restoration) then un-check the box for the waterways you want to use.

Places of Interest (POI) Tab

To make temporary changes to your Preferences use Apply.

To make your Preferences load every time you log on use Save.

To return Preferences to the default settings use Reset to defaults.

To return your Preferences to the last saved settings use Reset to saved.

To cancel these settings use Cancel.

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