Coole Lane Bridge No 82

Coole Lane, Cheshire East, England, United Kingdom
Coole Lane
Coole Lane Bridge No 82 is a minor waterways place on the Shropshire Union Canal (Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal - Main Line) between Newcastle Road Bridge No 62 (Market Drayton) (7 miles and 6½ furlongs and 20 locks to the southeast) and Nantwich Basin Entrance (4 miles and 4 furlongs and 2 locks to the north).
The nearest place in the direction of Newcastle Road Bridge No 62 is Bridge 81 (Site of) (narrows marks the site of the now missing bridge); 1½ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Nantwich Basin Entrance is Dismantled Railway Bridge; 1¼ furlongs away.

Moss Hall Winding Hole1 mile, 2¾ furlongs
Moss Hall Aqueduct1 mile, 1¼ furlongs
Overwater Marina6¾ furlongs
Bennets Bridge No 805 furlongs
Bridge 81 (Site of)1½ furlongs
Coole Lane Bridge No 82
Dismantled Railway Bridge1¼ furlongs
Austins Bridge No 832 furlongs
Coole Pilate Moorings3½ furlongs
Mickley Bridge No 845¼ furlongs
Burrows Bridge No 851 mile, 2¼ furlongs
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Waterway Wanderers Ashby Canal Marston Junction to Bridge 44 ...
Bridge 98 Glover Street to Bridge 101 Footbridge, Garrison Lane. Bugsworth ... Dudley No 2 Canal. Garratts ... Bridge 66 Betton Wood to Bridge 82 Coole Lane.
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Shropshire Union Canal at Austin's Bridge; the old railway bridge is in the ... Coole Pilate is not mentioned by name in the Domesday survey. ... is crossed by the Cool Lane roadbridge and the Austin's and Hall's footbridges. ... 82; ^ Latham , p.
Baddington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is not mentioned by name in the Domesday survey, the first record being in the period 1175–84. ... It is also crossed by two road bridges, Baddington Lane Bridge (A530) and ... Coole Lane runs north–south, joining the A530 at the north of the parish; French Lane/French Lane End runs east–west. ... 82; ^ Latham, p.
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May 20, 2013 ... If lanes on the Tappan Zee bridge in NYC aren't kept open during construction ... The AquaDom in Berlin is a 82′ tall elevator enclosed in a glass aquarium at ... NOLA went from no work and tourism being the only industry to ...
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