Holmcoat Bridge No 23

Halifax Road, Todmorden, Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Stoodley Glen

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Taken: 14 March 2007
Holmcoat Bridge No 23 is a minor waterways place on the Rochdale Canal between Todmorden Lock No 19 (Also called Library Lock) (2 miles and 1 furlong and 5 locks to the west) and Hebden Bridge Wharf (24 hour moorings, home of Bronte Boats) (2 miles and 2¼ furlongs and 5 locks to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Todmorden Lock No 19 is Holmcoat Lock No 14; a few yards away.
The nearest place in the direction of Hebden Bridge Wharf is Winding Hole below Holmcoat Lock; ¾ furlongs away.

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Waterway Gazetteer for Rochdale Canal – CanalPlanAC
Castle Street Bridge No 101, ¼ furlongs, 0 locks. Dukes Lock No 92 ..... Holmcoat Bridge No 23, 24 miles and 2 furlongs, 79 locks. Winding Hole below Holmcoat ...
Gauxholme Railway Bridge — Gazetteer – CanalPlanAC
Gazetteer for Gauxholme Railway Bridge a minor waterways place on the Rochdale ... The nearest place in the direction of Todmorden Lock No 19 is Gauxholme Aqueduct; .... Sowerby Bridge Junction — 10 miles, 6 furlongs and 23 locks away ... Winding Hole below Holmcoat Lock — 3 miles, ½ furlongs and 11 locks away.
Rochdale Canal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
14, Holmcoat Lock ... 22-23, Gauxholme Locks (2) .... Rennie at the time had no experience of building canals. ... To the north and east, 36 locks descended to Sowerby Bridge, while to the south and west, another 56 locks descended to ...
Sowerby Bridge Junction — Gazetteer – CanalPlanAC
Jun 26, 2015 ... Gazetteer for Sowerby Bridge Junction a town on the Calder and ... Winding Hole below Holmcoat Lock — 7 miles, 5½ furlongs and 12 locks away ... New Road Bridge No 11A — 11 miles, 1¼ furlongs and 23 locks away.
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