Slateford Aqueduct (north-east end)

NCR754, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Slateford Aqueduct (north-east end) is a major waterways place on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal between Edinburgh Quay (Limit of Navigation) (2 miles and 2½ furlongs to the northeast) and Scott Russell Aqueduct (west end) (2 miles and 5¼ furlongs to the west).
It is at one end of Slateford Aqueduct.
The nearest place in the direction of Edinburgh Quay is Prince Charlie Aqueduct; ¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Scott Russell Aqueduct (west end) is Slateford Aqueduct (south-west end); 1 furlong away.

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Santander Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (839 away)

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Slateford Aqueduct - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Slateford Aqueduct is a navigable aqueduct in Slateford, Edinburgh, Scotland. ... to construct the aqueduct, as he was the contractor for the east end of the canal. ... To the north of the aqueduct, on the side of the accessible towpath, is the ...
Edinburgh, Union Canal, Slateford Aqueduct | ScotlandsPlaces
Edinburgh, Slateford Aqueduct Detail of arch over Inglis Green Road, from NW; 451646 () ... and railway viaduct with the Gorgie Meat Market immediately to the north-east. ... East end of aquaduct, view from south Digital image of E 16446 CN.
Scott Russell Aqueduct (west end) — Gazetteer – CanalPlanAC ...
Jan 11, 2016 ... The nearest place in the direction of Slateford Aqueduct (north-east end) is Scott Russell Aqueduct (east end); ½ furlongs away. Places of ...
Lin's Mill Aqueduct Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland
The 500ft long eight-arched Slateford Aqueduct on the edge of Edinburgh takes ... There is a canal basin and wharf at the east end of the Lin's Mill Aqueduct. ... canal, and reclimb more steps to reach the towpath on the north side of the canal.
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Local business
Transit stop
Government organization
  • 1-80 Training (Personal Trainer, Personal Coaching, Physical Fitness)
    1022 to the northeast.
  • China Red (Asian Fusion Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Cantonese Restaurant)
    393 to the north.
  • Bert's Coffee Bar (Coffee Shop)
    379 to the north.
  • Greenshoots (Coffee Shop, Gift Shop, Cafe)
    1470 to the north.
Consulting/business services
Sports venue
Church/religious organization
Automobiles and parts
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The Slateford Aqueduct is a navigable aqueduct in Slateford, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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