Saint-Quentin - Escaut Jonction

Junction of Canal de Saint-Quentin with River Escaut at Cambrai
Digue du Canal, Cambrai, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Saint-Quentin - Escaut Jonction is a major waterways place at the junction of the Canal de Saint-Quentin: Main line with the River Escaut - Main waterway.
Cambrai Basin (Head of Canal de Saint-Quentin, limit of navigation) is on the Canal de Saint-Quentin: Main line, 3¾ furlongs to the northeast. Saint-Quentin - Petite Somme Jonction (Junction of the Canal de Saint-Quentin with the Petite Somme) is on the Canal de Saint-Quentin: Main line, 41 miles and 1¼ furlongs and 26 locks to the south. Division of River Escaut (River Escaut splits into two branches to join the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the River Escaut - Main waterway, 7 miles and ¾ furlongs and 4 locks to the northeast.
The nearest place in the direction of Saint-Quentin - Petite Somme Jonction is Ecluse double 1 de Cantimpré; 2 furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Division of River Escaut is Ecluse double 2 de Selles; 2 furlongs away.

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