Atlantic - Gironde Estuary

Entrance to the Bay of Biscay
Atlantic - Gironde Estuary is a minor waterways place at the end of the Gironde Estuary; past Pont de Route de Castets (94 miles and 7¾ furlongs to the southeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Pont de Route de Castets is Gironde - Garonne - Dordogne Jonction (Confluence of the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers); 45 miles and ¼ furlongs away.

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Gironde Estuary - Oceana
The Gironde Estuary, formed by the confluence of the Garonne and ... The estuary's average discharge rate into the Atlantic is 265000 gallons (1 million liters) ...
The Gironde Estuary: a world unto itself - Michelin Travel
On a map, the Gironde estuary looks rather like the aquatic forked tongue of a ... wealth from Bordeaux to the Atlantic Ocean without ever taking a motorcar.
The Gironde Estuary of France - EUCC
594 Gironde Estuary. Gironde Estuary. Category: Marine and Oceanic Biomes. Geographic Location: Atlantic Coast of France. Summary: The Gironde Estuary is  ...
Garonne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Gironde flows into the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay). ... Just after Bordeaux, the Garonne river finally meets the Dordogne, forming the Gironde estuary, ...
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