Fields End Pipebridge

Kings Delph, Whittlesey, Fenland, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
Fields End Pipebridge is a minor waterways place on the Middle Level Navigations (King's Dyke) between Whittlesey Bridge (Whittlesey) (1 mile and 7¾ furlongs to the east) and Stanground Sluice (2 miles and 2½ furlongs to the west).
The nearest place in the direction of Whittlesey Bridge is Whittlesey Railway Bridge; 1 mile and 3½ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Stanground Sluice is Fields End Bridge; ¼ furlongs away.

Whittlesey Bridge1 mile, 7¾ furlongs
Whittlesey Winding Hole1 mile, 5½ furlongs
Whittlesey Railway Bridge1 mile, 3½ furlongs
Fields End Pipebridge
Fields End Bridge¼ furlongs
Milk and Water Drove Bridge1 mile, 1 furlong
King's Dyke - Farcet River Junction1 mile, 1½ furlongs
Stanground Sluice2 miles, 2½ furlongs
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    1628 yards to the northeast.
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