Pont du Gain

Les Pâtures, Vinneuf, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
Pont du Gain is a minor waterways place on the River Yonne between Seine - Yonne Jonction (Junction of Rivers Seine and Yonne at Montereau) (11 miles and 5¼ furlongs and 5 locks to the west) and Yonne - Bourgogne Jonction (Junction of the River Yonne with the Canal de Bourgogne at Migennes) (41 miles and 4¼ furlongs and 12 locks to the southeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Seine - Yonne Jonction is Ecluse 13 Vinneuf; 5 furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Yonne - Bourgogne Jonction is Pont Morlaix; 3 furlongs away.

Ecluse 15 Barbey4 miles, 1¾ furlongs
Pont de Misy2 miles, 6½ furlongs
Ecluse 14 Port-Renard1 mile, 4½ furlongs
Pont de Vinneuf5¼ furlongs
Ecluse 13 Vinneuf5 furlongs
Pont du Gain
Pont Morlaix3 furlongs
Stop Lock Courlon1 mile, 1½ furlongs
Pont de Courlon1 mile, 1½ furlongs
Ecluse 12 Champfleury5 miles, 4 furlongs
Pont de Pont-sur-Yonne6 miles, 3¼ furlongs
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The Pont du Gard (literally: Gard Bridge) is an ancient Roman aqueduct ..... the " appetite for gain" had transformed the Pont du Gard into "a fairground attraction".
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Of all the museum spaces on the Pond du Gard site, Ludo is the one ... case of the Nîmes aqueduct to gain a more general understanding of Roman civilization,  ...
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Apr 9, 2013 ... http://tourvideos.com/ The Roman aqueduct of Pont du Gard in the south ... Stroll across the bridge, then up a well-marked hillside path to gain ...
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The Pont du Gard is a quiet and restful place whose history dates as far back as .... gaining an insight into the Pont du Gard with beautiful images of the ...
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