EDM Bridge 3

Autoroute des Deux Mers, Lacourt-Saint-Pierre, Tarn-et-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, France
EDM Bridge 3 is a minor waterways place on the Canal de Garonne - (Embranchement de Montauban) between Embranchement de Montech (Junction of the Canal de Garonne and the Canal de Montech (Montauban Branch)) (1 mile and 4½ furlongs to the southwest) and Embranchement de Montauban - Tarn River Jonction (Junction of the Canal de Montech with the Tarn River) (5 miles and 1¾ furlongs and 11 locks to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Embranchement de Montech is EDM Bridge 2; 7 furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Embranchement de Montauban - Tarn River Jonction is EDM Bridge 4; 4¾ furlongs away.

Embranchement de Montech1 mile, 4½ furlongs
EDM Bridge 11 mile, 4¼ furlongs
EDM Bridge 27 furlongs
EDM Bridge 3
EDM Bridge 44¾ furlongs
Ecluse De Noalhac No 11 mile, 2 furlongs
EDM Bridge 51 mile, 3¼ furlongs
Ecluse De Lamothe No 21 mile, 4¾ furlongs
Ecluse De Fisset No 31 mile, 6¾ furlongs
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102 Avenue over Groat Road - Bridge ... - City of Edmonton
6am to 9am and 3:30pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday ... The 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge serves as a major east/west corridor into and out of Edmonton's ...
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Mar 18, 2015 ... A few days after a $25 million bridge construction went horribly wrong, two ... Photos: Steel Girders Buckle on new 102 Ave Bridge over Groat Rd in Edmonton on March 16, 2015 ..... Car crash victims waited 3 days for help?
Low Level Bridge (Edmonton) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Streetcars used the bridge (on a gauntlet track) from 1908 to 1939. Trolley buses used the bridge from the removal of the streetcar track in 1939 until 1965.
Groat Road closed indefinitely by buckled bridge girders - Edmonton ...
Mar 16, 2015 ... Edmonton commuter artery closed by buckled bridge 1:43. Close. RAW: Groat ... RAW: Groat Road closed, 102nd Avenue bridge buckles 0:24 ...
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