Cotswold Canals (Stroudwater Navigation)


The Cotswold Canals (Stroudwater Navigation) is part of the Cotswold Canals and is made up of the Cotswold Canals (Stroudwater Navigation - Navigable Section), the Cotswold Canals (Stroudwater Navigation - Un-navigable Section) and the Cotswold Canals (Stroudwater Navigation - Abandoned Section).

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Stroudwater Navigation - Wikipedia
The Stroudwater Navigation is a canal which linked Stroud to the Severn Estuary in England ... The Stroudwater Canal Society, which later became the Cotswold Canals Trust, was formed in 1972. Following initial hostility from the Proprietors, ...
Cotswold Canals Trust
Restoring the Stroudwater Navigation and Thames and Severn Canal for the benefit of the public. This canal runs through Gloucestershire and part of Wiltshire  ...
Tourism - Stroudwater Canal
The restoration of the Cotswold Canals - the Stroudwater Navigation (7 miles/ 12km) and the Thames & Severn Canal (29 miles/46km) - will see the connection  ...
The Stroudwater Navigation
Cotswold Canals is the title given to two connected Gloucestershire waterways, The Stroudwater Navigation and The Thames & Severn Canal. The thirty six mile  ...
Cotswold Canals | Stroudwater Navigation | Thames & Severn Canal
Information to the watersCotswold Canals | Stroudwater Navigation | Thames & Severn Canal | England in Great Britain: waterways, canals and rivers in england  ...
Stroudwater Navigation: End-to-End Tour
Canal structures and other points of interest travelling from west to east on the Stroudwater Navigation between Framilode on the River Severn and Wal...
Stroudwater Canal - Restoration
Re-gated Ryeford Double Lock on the Stroudwater Navigation, June 2012 - Cotswold Canals Trust. Re-gated Ryeford Double Lock on the Stroudwater ...
Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation
The Thames & Severn Canal · Eisey Lock and Rucks Bridge Project. Cotswold Canals Water Transfer Thames Water WRMP14 Public Consultation Information -
CotswoldCanals - YouTube
All about Stroudwater Navigation and Thames & Severn Canal in video Featuring : restoration in progress, wildlife, members, community volunteers, events etc.
Phase 1A Restoration - Cotswold Canals in Pictures
The canal being restored under the Phase 1A Restoration Programme is a six mile section between 'The Ocean' at Stonehouse on the Stroudwater Navigation  ...

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Cotswold Canals may refer to:

  • Stroudwater Navigation
  • Thames and Severn Canal
  • Cotswold Canals Trust

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