Droitwich is an area centered on Droitwich Barge Canal New Wharf on the the Droitwich Canals (Droitwich Barge Canal). It is made up of the following places:
On the Droitwich Canals (Droitwich Barge Canal) between Droitwich Barge Canal New Wharf and Salwarpe Road Bridge:
On the Droitwich Canals (Droitwich Barge Canal) between Droitwich Barge Canal New Wharf and Droitwich Junction:
On the Droitwich Canals (Droitwich Junction Canal) between Droitwich Junction and M5 Motorway Tunnel No 5 (west portal):
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Droitwich Spa (often abbreviated to Droitwich) is a town in northern Worcestershire, England, on the River Salwarpe.

The town was called Salinae in Roman times, then later called Wyche, derived from the Anglo Saxon Hwicce kingdom, referred to as "Saltwich" according to Anglo Saxon charters, with the Droit (meaning "right") added when the town was given its charter on 1 August 1215 by King John. The "Spa" was added in the 19th century when John Corbett developed the town's spa facilities. The River Salwarpe running through Droitwich is likely derived from Sal meaning "salt" and weorp which means "to throw up" i.e. "the river which throws up salt" which overflows from the salt brines.

Droitwich is within the Wychavon area – the only Midlands area to be in the Halifax 'Quality of Life Survey' of 2011. It was 6th overall.

On 4 November 2013 Droitwich Spa Town Council made Max Sinclair an honorary Freeman of the town in recognition of the major role he played in the restoration of Droitwich Canals.

The town is situated on massive deposits of salt, and salt has been extracted there since ancient times. The natural Droitwich brine contains 2½ lbs. of salt per gallon – ten times stronger than sea water and rivalled only by the Dead Sea.

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