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0000001Canalplan [All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2015-07-03 10:512019-06-28 07:30
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Summary0000001: Allow users to enter timings for sections of canal
DescriptionAllow users to select two points on a canal and enter timing values for those two points.

This would allow Canalplan not only to make more accurate timing plans for that specific user but would also allow Canalplan to provide better timings for all users based on the averages for those links.
Tagsroute planning, timing
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Stephen Atty   
2015-07-03 11:23   
I've created a table section_timings_combined (and some code) to pull location and timing details from the tracking tables. Although not exactly this issue the data from that could also be used for this purpose.
Stephen Atty   
2015-07-03 11:38   
I'd limit the maximum "distance" to something sensible otherwise the timings would be ridiculous.

Would it be worth allowing people to enter a timing for "structures" like lock flights.
Nick Atty   
2019-05-29 07:27   
I think this is excessively complicated, and there is no great demand for it. We can now add standard delays for links or places, and I think that's enough.
2019-06-28 07:30   
Closing automatically, stayed too long in feedback state. Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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