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0000162Canalplan [All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2016-07-22 15:432016-07-23 20:26
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Summary0000162: Add 'CRT Functional Location' information to places
DescriptionThe Canal & River Trust, like BW before them use a code to locate unique places on each of the waterways they consider theirs. They call this code a 'functional location'.

Each code consists of two letters, identifying the waterway, a hyphen, then a three digit code indicating the kilometre along the waterway in which the feature is located, then another hyphen then either a final three digit code indicating the number allocated to the feature within that kilometre (usually sequentially but numbers are not reallocated when features are added or removed, so the sequence cannot be relied on), or the letter P and a further three digits indicating the number of metres from the last kilometre change.

For example, Bridge 2, Grove Road Bridge on the Hertford Union has a functional location of HU-001-007 (or Hertford Union, kilometre 1, feature number 7), the water below it has the functional location HU-001-212 (Hertford Union, kilometre 1, 212 metres from the start of kilometre 1).

Having the functional location of a feature helps people report issues to the navigational authority.

Initially, no feature in canalplan would have the functional location populated, but these could be added by users referencing
Additional InformationThis is a 'my-wish-list' type of feature request so I don't expect any response in the short term, just a request to consider for the future.
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2016-07-22 15:45   
Sorry that water's location should be HU-001-P212 (I missed out the vital P!)
Nick Atty   
2016-07-22 19:23   
As you say, it's a "wouldn't it be nice if", but it's actually very easy to add: just a new column in the waterway table and the place table, another field in the "edit details" pages and a bit in the templates.

The ideal thing would be to automatically find those locations rather than people needing to look up every place and enter the code. I don't suppose you know if CART would be prepared to make the underlying name/code/coordinates data available? If so, some fairly simple slightly-fuzzy code could easily assign codes to all relevant locations.
2016-07-23 20:26   
I know that the data set was already used to create the map I referenced, implying that the data is available, somewhere :/

Other than that I can only suggest you try to contact somebody at C&RT who might know.

And yes, the first five characters of the code are relatively easy to generate, but the remaining 'feature number' digits are too unpredictable to populate with access to C&RT's data. I suppose once you had the two letter code for each waterway, it would be possible to generate them all as [A-Z]{2}-[0-9]{3}-XXX and only display the functional location once XXX has been replaced by a some pattern matching [0-9]{3}, but I'm spitballing here.

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