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2019-07-21 14:08 BST

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0000208Canalplan [All Projects] Databasepublic2017-01-08 08:59
ReporterPeter Stockdale 
Assigned ToNick Atty 
PlatformGenericOSN/AOS VersionN/A
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000208: New Waterway Creation
DescriptionInstructions for this are incomplete in "Help". After end place creation - and completing the waterway details, the alternatives boxes to create the waterway are mis-leading. (:-(
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Shultzy (updater)

Pete, you need to be more specific about the "mis-leading" sections so they can be changed.


Peter Stockdale (reporter)

I submitted a comprehensive report earlier today, here - stupid system timed me out and scrapped my words of wisdom (:-( Unthwarted - but exhausted for now - I will re-submit next week (:-)
Pete zzz


Peter Stockdale (reporter)

Preliminary summary of "specifics".

During my addition of new waterways recently, I have experienced difficulties. I feel that this has mostly come about by incomplete instruction in the Major Editing section.

The question now arises about the necessity for re-writing the instructions. Canalplan is designed a resource for the pleasure boater. Most of the remaining "unplanned" waterways are of a commercial nature and are unsuitable for use by non-commercial traffic. Indeed some of the already "planned" waterways I consider to be unsuitable for use by amateurs in a pleasure capacity.

I am however quite happy to suggest areas in Major Editing where changes and additions could be helpful. I have neither the editorial skills or enough knowledge of the inner workings of CP to re-write the section completely. For example - I feel that the "add a isolated place" function is better placed under "add a waterway" and not as a separate editing topic alongside it. Unless I am advised to the contrary, I will offer other suggestions of a similar nature over the next few days. Peter Stockdale


Shultzy (updater)

I'm happy to update the help pages if you want to put the changes here. Just write what you expect to happen and I'll change/convert/discuss before amending the pages.


Peter Stockdale (reporter)

Thanks Shultzy. --- My further "suggestions" will commence tomorrow. In the interim, you might like to consider my exampled proposition stated above. This is a key thought in the process to follow. Adding a waterway has many stages - important stage in the process is end place creation. The latter is better not tabulated as an equal level process as is the present situation, but a sub-section of new waterway creation.---


Shultzy (updater)

In [New Help Pages], the listings in [Major Edit] reflect the chronological option sequence in the actual [Major Editing] menu option. Is the first section of [Help about Major Editing] not clear enough? Should it be revised?


Peter Stockdale (reporter)

Oops sorry -I had completely forgotten about these new help pages in my recent deliberations.
 Stage one suggestion now becomes a) promotion of help pages under the major editing section (:-) & b) Better promotion of the help section on the home page!!
 Matter 2) I feel that it would be more appropriate if such deliberations as these could be carried out under the private message system, but as it stands currently the pms system seems only suitable for forgettable "short/quickies" !! We really could do with some action on bugs 215 and 216 to sort this.
 I will now reflect further on the help section and return in due course (:-) Pete

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