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0000263Canalplan [All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2017-04-14 13:11
Assigned ToNick Atty 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000263: Help Page References
DescriptionIt has been suggested by a user that certain pages in CP would benefit from having a reference to the corresponding help page.

As an example at the end of the [Major Editing] page a pointer to the [Major edit — Help and information on using the major editing functions.] help page would be useful.
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Nick Atty (administrator)

I think that's a really good idea. It should be easy to do it programatically - build something into the footer block that generates the link (and arrange a neat way to manage the associations).

I'll look at the first part at least, and think about the second.


Nick Atty (administrator)

I'll document it here, it probably needs to go into the help documentation. Will release in the next few minutes.

There is now an automated way to put help on any page that has buttons at the bottom. All you need to do is visit that page and find the "page_code". To get this, hover over the logo on the page you want to put help on - it's show in small type below the build details. For example, the code for the route editor is "route_entry", the code for major edit is "majedit".

Then visit the help page you want to associate with this page and edit it, add the string

@$helppage page_code$

anywhere you want as a line by itself. This does not get displayed. ('page_code' in this example should be replaced with the actual code such as "majedit" or "route_entry".

"Save" or "Finish" the edit, and the association will be automatically made. If you revisit the page it will now have a "help" button that opens the help system on the appropriate page.

I'll leave open in case I've broken anything along the way!


Shultzy (updater)

These all work:
My Page
Plan a Journey
Major edit

These don't work as the don't create a button but show a green band over the top three lines:


Shultzy (updater)

PS the [Home] page doesn't have a button either.


Nick Atty (administrator)

It looks like there's something wrong with the HTML on those pages - the green band at the top is the background for the button bar which is being correctly generated but isn't rendering properly.

The home page is made in an entirely different way to all the other pages so isn't picking it up. I'll think about what to do there.


Nick Atty (administrator)

I've fixed the HTML on the gazetteer pages (place and waterway) but:
- waterway has a lot of empty space in it
- options has a nasty artefact of adding the logo


Shultzy (updater)

[Places] and [Waterways] has worked, but I feel that the [Help] button should be in a more prominent position on pages that are more than a screen deep


Shultzy (updater)

The Page code[Page code: editphoto] is visible on the page but not under the CP logo. When I tried to add this Page code to the help pages it didn't work. It may be that there can only be one help page valid at any given time.

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