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2019-06-20 05:59 BST

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0000434Canalplan [All Projects] Generalpublic2019-06-09 20:48
Assigned ToStephen Atty 
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Summary0000434: Boat tracker - Backitude not listed in Google Play.
DescriptionIt seems that Backitude is no longer available in Google Play. Does the tracker facility support an alternative?
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related to 0000423assignedStephen Atty Using iOS devices with tracking features 

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Stephen Atty (administrator)

It looks like Backitude has been pulled.

I will have to dig round and see if I can find a replacement - but given that it took me several days just to find Backitude I suspect that there wont be a suitable drop in replacement.


Stephen Atty (administrator)

Doing some work with Open Canalmap.

Also will document the url to call.


Stephen Atty (administrator)

I have found a new GPS tracker. So am coding things up for that for both Canalplan and for the Canalplan Plugin for Wordpress.


Stephen Atty (administrator)

Coding is pretty much complete. New GPS tracker doesn't currently support the automatic downloading of profiles - so will need to document how to do that.

Would also be good to know of some GPS apps for Apple that can ping a custom URL with a set of parameters in either a POST or a GET.

I was hoping Open Canal Map might have done it but it looks like that bit of work has fallen by the wayside.

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