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2019-06-20 06:03 BST

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0000479Canalplan [All Projects] Bugpublic2018-08-08 18:50
Assigned ToNick Atty 
Platformwindows 10OSOS Version
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000479: log in problem
DescriptionHelp please, cannot log in.

program refuses to log me in and keeps putting up login panel but when I enter login details it does nothing and then puts up the login panel again.

had to log in by the back door to tell you this as I cannot report it to you without being logged in, but as I can't log in I cannot report it to you...
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Stephen Atty (administrator)

Are you using the built in login or the Social Logins?

If it's the built in login can you let us know your login ID?


keephy (reporter)


it's the built in login


when I try it refreshes the home page but does not log me in, I get in by going to the bugs page and look at one of the issues which then gets me to the issues page where I can send you details etc.

I tried to create a new login called keephygee but it just does the same when I try to login with that.

I'm using windows 10 to access by the way.


Stephen Atty (administrator)

OK - so it looks like there is something wrong with the built in login handler.

You seem to be logged in now - so is the login function working but just not working from the home page?


keephy (reporter)

Yes, but if I log out of this page it then tells me I'm logged in to the home page (logged is as keephy) but all my preferences etc are missing, seems like I'm being told I'm logged in but I am not?

perhaps this might help narrow it down?


keephy (reporter)

I still cannot login from the home page?

I still can only get in by the back door and then not fully.

has there been any progress on this yet??


Stephen Atty (administrator)

It's in the list to be looked at. There is no full time programming team for Canalplan and work gets picked up by either Nick or myself when we have time round our full time jobs and family commitments

I'll give him a nudge about it.


keephy (reporter)

OK thanks I'll keep looking in regularly.

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