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2018-04-27 06:24 BST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000451 1 Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-25Lock Count Error
  000045021 Bugtrivialresolved (Stephen Atty)2018-04-23Boat listings photo display exactly 20 photos
  00004234   Generalminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2018-04-22Using iOS devices with tracking features
  00004442   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-22List of saved plans
  000044610   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-21New Marker Places
  00004306   Server Configurationminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-21UK owners of EU Domains
  0000449    Data Maintenancetrivialresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-21Midnight Crash
  00004471   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-21Adding photos over midnight fails
  00004421   Data Maintenancetextresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-21Advice on adding weblinks....
  00004487   Route Planningminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2018-04-21Preferences not saved
  000044331 Databaseminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-19Photo day/month lost
  000044532 Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-19Issue with picture index
  00004352   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-15Missing places
  00004412   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-15Can't add place on a new waterway
  00004391   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-14No proper messages from tree-edit
  00004323   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-14Pop-up calender in edit photo doesn't work
  00004331   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-14Photo historic dates not possible
  00004401   Bugminorresolved2018-04-14Renaming waterways via the tree doesn't work properly at least some times
  000043615   Databasecrashresolved (Nick Atty)2018-04-14Database Locked
  00004386   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-13Need to avoid incompatible database edits - difficult problem
  00004341   Generalminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2018-04-13Boat tracker - Backitude not listed in Google Play.
  0000437    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-13Rationalise JavaScript used for XMLHTTP requests
  000029335   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-04-08Restore "stoppages" processing
  0000431    Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-30What's New RSS feed invalid again
  0000429    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-30Replace rpx with forbidden (or banning!)
  00004281   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-29Remind users about changing their clocks
  00003263   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-27Merge accounts not working
  0000426    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-22Reduce database locking
  00004241   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-21Cannot change range covered by a feature or area
  00004045   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-18Deleting Multiple Markers
  00004131   Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-18Maps
  0000422    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-18Collapse discussions in RSS feed
  0000421    Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-18Put message about planning round stoppages in title of route
  0000420    Server Configurationminornew2018-03-18Auto-block very popular SQL injection test
  0000419    Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-18Make resetting stoppages easier
  0000415    Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-17Provide a function to clear overnight stops
  00004036   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-04RSS feed for new contributions invalid
  0000405    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-03-03Add maps to alternative routes
  00004011   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-02-14Show nearest visitor mooring
  00004021   Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-02-14Select visitor moorings for overnight stops
  0000400    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-02-11Adding dimensions to a group of waterways
  00003951   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-31Add mooring rating suitable for places where mooring is for facilities only
  00003922   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-28Subtitle editing
  00003864   Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-28Navigational Notes in Waterways
  00003424   Data Maintenancemajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-25Update Edit information structure
  00003912   Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-22Not possible to plan to stop overnight at Dog and Doublet visitor mooring (Curdworth flight)
  00003907   Data Maintenancecrashassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-21Repeated Error message and timeout
  00003881   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-20Mooring brief notes
  00003842   Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-17Protect against accidental/reckless/abusive use
  0000385    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-17Editing "place has facilities for boaters"