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2017-10-24 01:28 BST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003432   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22pdf downloads
  000026413   Route Planningmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Exclusion of Waterway
  00000785   Route Planningfeatureresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22location photo stays the same.
  00001281   Feature Requestmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Link gone to excel spreadsheet used to calculate route
  00000963   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Peferences on planning not taken into account
  0000107101 Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Major Edit - Reorganise Waterways not working
  00000434   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22My location
  00003125   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Can't add navigational notes when not displayed
  00002471   Internal Improvementsminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-22Remove PNG linear map icons
  00003401   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-21Error when moving place
  00003352   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-21Edit place details stopped working correctly
  00003383   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-21button link to nearest place does not work
  00003323   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-21Session logs out
  00003393   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-21Too many marker points shown
  00003333   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-15PDF generation failure
  00003362   Route Planningcrashresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-15Create PDF fails
  00002997   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-15Unable to create PDF
  00002581   Server Configurationminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-15canalplan_svg directories in /tmp
  000025342   Generalminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-10-14Migrating to HTTPS [was: Insecure password warning in Firefox]
  00003371   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-11PDF failed to geerate
  00002461   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-09UK geograph pictures on non-UK place
  00003171   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-08Editing rings doesn't work reliably
  00003311   Bugcrashresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-08CP crashes on duplicate place name
  00003253   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-10-07CP Crash on Add a Place
  00002811   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-30Too long furthest places give poor output
  00003231   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-30Bridge symbols not updated
  00003273   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-30Some french places are over escaped
  00003301   Route Planningminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-30Cannot find a specific location
  00003292   Databaseminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2017-09-28Can't seem to edit the data of a boat listing
  00003045   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-27Searching leads to odd URLS
  00003289   Databasemajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-09-27Data Change Failure