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2018-01-19 13:09 GMT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000387    Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-18Missing graffic
  00003861   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-18Navigational Notes in Waterways
  00003842   Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-17Protect against accidental/reckless/abusive use
  0000385    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-17Editing "place has facilities for boaters"
  00003838   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-14Search engines etc screwing up blog links
  00003795   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-14Setting "Brecon" as an area doesn't produce intended result
  00003764   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-14LIM syntax errors in generic apache log file
  00003821   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Notes attribution is wrong
  00003151   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Move data from mooring wiki to user info about the place
  00003801   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Extra information not editable
  00003662   Feature Requestminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Provide a "how can I help" page
  00003451   Databaseminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Some columns are of type "string"
  00003755   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Towpath Access Edit not Working
  00003782   Bugcrashresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-13FATAL ERROR when creating a Nav Note
  0000381    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-13Standardise on "feature" vice "structure" in code
  00003735   Generalminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2018-01-11Mon & Brecon canal
  0000377    Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-10SSO goes wrong when called from Bug Track
  00003572   Route Planningminorclosed2018-01-10PDF Creator
  00003553   Feature Requestmajorclosed2018-01-10Air draft in route planner
  0000372    Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-05Need to check for expired sessions when doing PDFs
  00003741   Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-01-05Upgrade to Font Awesome 5
  00003712   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-03Moving a Place causes the address to be removed
  000037021 Route Planningminorresolved2018-01-02PDF Issue
  00003691   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-02Changes to New Contributions
  00003461   Feature Requestminorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-01Areas need information boxes
  00003682   Generalmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2018-01-01Export to PDF Issue
  00003533   Databaseminorclosed (Nick Atty)2018-01-01Boat id on Photos
  000036583 Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-31Not all Geograph photos load...
  00003671   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-31Quick search not working
  00003542   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-12-31Editing quotations doesn't work
  00003641   Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-30Google API - for maps
  0000363    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-30Number of geograph images
  00003611   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-29Edit place not working
  00001022   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-28Cannot add new route places
  00003602   Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-28Front page dynamic sections not rendering plus unable to logon
  00003423   Data Maintenancemajorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-27Update Edit information structure
  00003482   Generaltrivialresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-27Nearest Location block shows error text even when no error
  00003563   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-27PDF Creator
  00003586   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2017-12-27The "What" in New Contributions
  0000359    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-22Ability to restore things
  00003513   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-12-18Marker places cannot be excluded
  00003411   Feature Requestminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-12-04Create waterway index that links to virtual cruises
  00003492   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-12-02Additional Facility Info.
  00003502   Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2017-11-28Log-in created new/duplicate account - cannot merge
  00003433   Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21pdf downloads
  000026414   Route Planningmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21Exclusion of Waterway
  00003126   Bugmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21Can't add navigational notes when not displayed
  00002472   Internal Improvementsminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21Remove PNG linear map icons
  00001282   Feature Requestmajorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21Link gone to excel spreadsheet used to calculate route
  0000107111 Bugminorclosed (Nick Atty)2017-11-21Major Edit - Reorganise Waterways not working