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Major Editing

The functions here are for extending the network or adding entirely new waterways and for making bulk changes across many places. Most changes to existing waterways (adding and removing places, re-ordering places, changing distances and lock counts) and to individual places can be made using the normal editing features avaiable from the place and waterway gazetteers.

What the functions available here do that there is no other way of doing is to create entirely new and unconnected waterways, and to add new waterways connected to existing ones. The key thing to remember is to do as little editing here, and to do everything you possibly can elsewhere

To add a waterway that is a branch of an existing one:

To add an entirely separate waterway – either a small isolated one, or the very first part of a network – use "add an isolated place" twice to create the two ends of the waterway and then link them using "add a waterway".

To add a new waterway linking two existing ones (a newly opened link perhaps) you will only need to use "add a waterway".

To change a property for many places based on their name use "bulk edit of places"