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#1 Monday 21st January 2019 13:37:21

John Jordan

Code, ideas and info.

Hi there just found your wonderful resource,

I have a few questions and some ideas.

I am a developer and am looking at a few ideas that would help boaters and the CRT.

My questions are...

Where is the source code is it on git?

Is it possible to access your boat registry database?

Is there anything you need help with?

I have an interesting idea that you may be able to help with give some advice on.




#2 Monday 21st January 2019 19:36:10

Stephen Atty

Re: Code, ideas and info.

Code is not on Git yet

Boat Registry is simply built from extracts provided by the EA, Broads Authority and C&RT (who I must chase  for an update). We have a few API end points exposed but not a lot and access is restricted to stop our server being driven into the ground.


#3 Tuesday 22nd January 2019 10:47:48

Nicholas Atty

Re: Code, ideas and info.

The code isn't publicly available.  That's mainly because we've never had the time or energy to put it onto something like github (which is the obvious thing to do, but wasn't available when we started developing this).  There's a fair amount of code work needed before it could be put public, especially around how to build it, and around cleaning out old files that aren't used any more.

I'll think if there's a sensible way to get someone to help do this.  It's not too painful to get it running on Ubuntu, but it's trivial either.


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