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#1 Monday 17th October 2016 15:11:30


Thank you!

Just joined and wanted to say thank you to the developers for making this resource available - and I've donated :-)

I'm planning a trip from Riddlesden on the Leeds & Liverpool to London and back in the spring and Canalplan is going to be invaluable.

I seem to remember buying a CD version many years ago but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, I'm sure to be back to pick the colective brains and hopefully add a few snippets of my own.
I'm hoping to record the journey on a travel blog. Just beginning to lay this out at



#2 Monday 17th October 2016 18:16:30

Stephen Atty

Re: Thank you!

The CD product was a completely different piece of software developed by InfoClub -

Submitting things like photos, navigational notes, adding new places and updating existing places is what makes Canalplan so good - so your input will most certainly be welcomed.



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