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#1 Sunday 31st July 2016 14:05:12

Stephen Atty

Things to do when accessing the forums for the first time

We've set the forums up so that users are automatically created, just like they are for the Bug Tracker.

This however means that a lot of the settings are very much set to the defaults and so you should spend some time reviewing them.

One of the first things to do is to to go to your profile settings ( … tials&id=3 ) and review your Username and your email address - both of these have been imported from the Canalplan Database and might not be totally correct.   

Unlike a stand alone forum where the Username is used to login we are using a different field to control logons and so you can change this if you want....  The Username is displayed when ever you post anything in the forums and so you should change it to something meaningful.


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