Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (Southern section) Jonction

Junction of Canal de Bourbourg (Southern section)and Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut at Coppenaxfort
Chemin du Canal, Loon-Plage, Nord, Hauts-de-France, France
Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (Southern section) Jonction is a major waterways place at the junction of the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut with the Canal de Bourbourg (Southern section).
Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (northern section) Jonction (Junction of Canal de Bourbourg (northern section) and the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 1.76 kilometres to the northeast. Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Aa Jonction (River Aa becomes part of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut at Watton) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 15.78 kilometres and 1 lock to the southwest. Aa - Bourbourg Jonction (Junction of River Aa with the Canal de Bourbourg at Guindal) is on the River Aa, 9.30 kilometres and 2 locks to the west.
The nearest place in the direction of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Aa Jonction is Ecluse 1 de Watten; 15.33 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Aa - Bourbourg Jonction is Ecluse de Bourbourg; 5.33 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated

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Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut -
Information about the 143km long Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut ... the Escaut ( conventionally considered to be at Pont-Malin lock, 500m from the actual junction ). ... History – The liaison is made up of all or part of eight original canals. ... and the Canal de Bourbourg (PK 136-137), see the separate entries for those waterways.
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This is a list of the navigable canals and rivers in France. For reference purposes, all waterways ... details for 80 French rivers and canals (French waterways website section). ... Luxemburg and Belgium (the Sarre, Moselle, Sambre, Escaut and Lys). .... Canal de Neuffossé, mostly incorporated in Liaison Dunkerque- Escaut ...
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Detailed boat cruising information about the port of Dunkirk and nearby Furnes, Bergues and Bourbourg canals, France.
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France » River Saône, Corre to Auxonne | France. River Saône from the southern end of Canal des Vosges at Corre to the junction of Canal du Rhône au Rhin.
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... of Gravelines and the River Aa to the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, France. ... to the high-capacity waterway, while the lower section below the junction with the ...
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The southern connection between Champagne and Paris .... Being an old junction for navigation, it has all services for repairing smaller or bigger damages on ...
Canal du Nord -
... the Canal de la Sensée (now the Dunkerque-Escaut waterway), to the junction with the Canal latéral à l'Oise at Pont-l'Evêque, is divided into three sections:.


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