Pont au Saint Gervais

Le Chateau de Roche, 58300 Champvert, France
Pont au Saint Gervais is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Nivernais (Main Line) between Loire - Aron Junction (Junction of the River Loire and the River Aron on the Embranchement Decize) (8.54 kilometres and 4 locks to the west) and Cercy-la-Tour (7.15 kilometres and 2 locks to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Loire - Aron Junction is Pont Canal de L'Andarge; 0.41 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Cercy-la-Tour is Pont du D169; 1.24 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated

There is a bridge here.

The hamlet of Saint Gervais is accessed a short distance up the lane to the left.
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Taken: 17 June 2018

To the right, it is a dead end after a short distance. Viewed as we approach the bridge leaving Decize further behind.

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Landmark & Historical Place
  • Locature de Roche
    Lieu-dit Locature de Roche, Champvert, 58300 — 15 metres to the south.
  • Pré de l'Étang
    Lieu-dit Pré de l'Étang, Verneuil, 58300 — 1144 metres to the northwest.
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  • Marcou
    Lieu-dit Marcou, Champvert, 58300 — 1105 metres to the west.
  • Le Patouillat
    LIEU-DIT LE PATOUILLAT, Champvert, 58300 — 596 metres to the west.
  • Le Bourg
    Lieu-dit Le Bourg, Verneuil, 58300 — 1465 metres to the north.
  • Domaine Couillau
    Lieu-dit Domaine Couillau, Verneuil, 58300 — 1467 metres to the northeast.
Beauty Salon
Post Office
  • La Poste
    Villevelle, Verneuil, 58300 — 1382 metres to the north.
Skin Care Service
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