Mayenne - Maine - Sarthe Jonction

Junction of the Mayenne, River Maine and the River Sarthe at Angers
Mayenne - Maine - Sarthe Jonction is a minor waterways place at the junction of the La Mayenne with the La Sarthe and the River Maine.
Mayenne - Oudon Jonction (Junction of the Mayenne with the River Oudon) is on the La Mayenne, 21.82 kilometres and 4 locks to the northwest. Le Mans (Northern head La Sarthe) is on the La Sarthe, 132 kilometres and 20 locks to the northeast. Loire - Maine Jonction (Junction of the River Maine with the River Loire at Bouchemaine) is on the River Maine, 11.26 kilometres and 1 lock to the southwest.
The nearest place in the direction of Mayenne - Oudon Jonction is Mayenne - Ecouflant Jonction (Junction of the Mayenne with the branch to Ecouflant and the River Sarthe); 3.99 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Le Mans is Sarthe - Le Loir Jonction (Junction of the River Sarthe with the River Loir); 9.61 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Loire - Maine Jonction is Ecluse du Seuil en Maine; 4.27 kilometres away.

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Environmental Conservation Organization
French Restaurant
  • Le Presto
    15 rue des capucins, Angers, 49100 — 927 metres to the southwest.
Specialty Grocery Store
  • Biocoop CABA (Organic Grocery Store, Health Food Store)
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Sports Event
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Dance & Night Club
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Sports & Recreation
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Retail Company
Shopping & Retail
  • RougeGorge Lingerie
    3 Boulevard Gaston Ramon, Centre commercial Carrefour Saint-Serge, Angers, 49000 — 467 metres to the south.
  • Sloth Protection
    Angers — 1105 metres to the east.
Furniture Store
Sports Team
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
  • Battling Club Angers (Gym/Physical Fitness Center)
    50, boulevard du Doyenné, Angers, 49100 — 688 metres to the southeast.
  • CrossFit Menestys
    Rue Clément Ader, Angers, 49000 — 683 metres to the south.
  • CrossFit Angers (Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Sports Club)
    23 rue du Maine, Angers, 49100 — 1467 metres to the south.
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Independent Bookstore
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    7 rue Vaucanson, Angers, 49100 — 867 metres to the south.
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    7 Bis Quai Felix Faure, Angers, 49100 — 627 metres to the southwest.
Live Music Venue
Local Business
Grocery Store
  • L'Alepien
    09 rue de la charnasserie, Angers, 49100 — 941 metres to the west.
Community Organization
  • ANEFA Maine et Loire (Nonprofit Organization)
    14 avenue jean joxé, Angers, 49000 — 1334 metres to the south.
Burger Restaurant
  • McDonald's Angers Saint-Serge (American Restaurant)
    C.Cial Carrefour St-Serge, Boulevard Gaston Ramon, Angers, 49000 — 372 metres to the south.
Nonprofit Organization
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    Musées d'Angers, Angers, 49100 — 1230 metres to the east.
Local Service
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  • RedKeeper
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Sorority & Fraternity
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    Quai Félix Faure, Angers, 49000 — 1016 metres to the southwest.
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