Sale Wharf

Bridgewater Way, Sale, Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Sale Wharf is a place on the waterways on the Bridgewater Canal (Main Line) between Stretford - Waters Meeting (Junction of Bridgewater Canal Main Line and Stretford and Leigh Branch) (2 miles and 4 furlongs to the north) and Lymm Bridge No 23 (Lymm, footbridge is next to road bridge) (8 miles and 2½ furlongs to the west).
The nearest place in the direction of Stretford - Waters Meeting is Bridge Inn PH; 3¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Lymm Bridge No 23 is Sale Bridge No 35; ½ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

Hawthorn Lane Footpath Underbridge1 mile, 1 furlong
Barfoot Aqueduct 7¼ furlongs
M60 Motorway Bridge No 375¾ furlongs
Dane Road Bridge No 363½ furlongs
Bridge Inn PH3¼ furlongs
Sale Wharf
Sale Bridge No 35½ furlongs
Marsland Bridge No 344¾ furlongs
Sinderland Brook Aqueduct1 mile, 2½ furlongs
Timperley Bridge No 331 mile, 4¾ furlongs
Railway Bridge No 321 mile, 6¾ furlongs
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Out of Manchester from Scribblings from the Mintball posted Saturday the 11th of April, 2009
Where it all began from Scribblings from the Mintball posted Tuesday the 7th of April, 2009
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Massage Service
Party Entertainment Service
Hair Salon
Wine Bar
Performing Arts School
Indian Restaurant
Dance Studio
Home Decor
  • Bathroom Angels (Interior Design Studio, Kitchen & Bath Contractor)
    156 yards to the east.
  • Sale Water Park (Recreation Center, Landmark & Historical Place)
    1593 yards to the northeast.
Baby & Children's Clothing Store
Italian Restaurant
Tapas Bar & Restaurant
  • El Boliche (Live Music Venue, Spanish Restaurant)
    171 yards to the south.
Tattoo & Piercing Shop
Arts & Crafts Store
Private Members Club
Makeup Artist
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Skin Care Service
GymPhysical Fitness Center
  • Sale Leisure Centre (Public Swimming Pool, Community Organization)
    209 yards to the southeast.
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