Ecluse 21 de Dennevy

Chemin de Halage, Dennevy, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
Ecluse 21 de Dennevy is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Centre between Digoin (Junction of Canal Latéral à la Loire and Canal du Centre) (86.42 kilometres and 46 locks to the southwest) and Saône - Centre Jonction (Junction of the River Saône with the Canal du Centre) (27.58 kilometres and 14 locks to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Digoin is Pont de Planche-Tapois; 0.92 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Saône - Centre Jonction is Pont de Dennevy; 0.36 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated

This is a lock, the rise of which is not known.

Again- no waiting here !
Copyright: Peter Stockdale
Taken: 15 June 2011

The Village of Dennevy is just round the bend, on the right

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Nearest place to turn

Winding Hole pres Montchanin — 24.30 km and 23 locks away
On this waterway in the direction of Digoin

No information

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water point
rubbish disposal
chemical toilet disposal
self-operated pump-out
boatyard pump-out

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Hotel & Lodging
Specialty Grocery Store
Business Service
  • Facon Bois
    3 rue de Verdun, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, 71510 — 1460 metres to the south.
Nurseries & Gardening Store
Real Estate Agent
Beauty Salon
  • Colin Sandrine
    7 Rue de la Motte, Dennevy, 71510 — 354 metres to the northeast.
Government Organization
  • Mairie
    5 Cour de la Mairie, Dennevy, 71150 — 257 metres to the northeast.
  • Cafe Tabac des Pecheurs (Restaurant, Coffee Shop)
    48 place des Platanes, Dennevy, 71510 — 354 metres to the north.
City Hall
Building Materials
Bed and Breakfast
  • Douceur de Vivre
    21 route de Chagny, Dennevy, 71510 — 673 metres to the northeast.
  • Le petit Dennevy (Hotel, Travel & Transportation)
    18 route de Chagny, Dennevy, 71510 — 620 metres to the northeast.
  • Chambre d'Hôtes 2293
    Route de Chagny, Dennevy, 71510 — 678 metres to the northeast.
Elementary School
  • Dennevy
    Dennevy, 71510 — 484 metres to the northeast.
  • Millery
    Lieu-dit Millery, Dennevy, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 71510 — 472 metres to the northwest.
  • Maisons Bonnard
    Lieu-dit Maisons Bonnard, Dennevy, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 71510 — 502 metres to the north.
  • La Petite Motte
    Lieu-dit La Petite Motte, Dennevy, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 71510 — 456 metres to the southeast.
  • Le Château
    Lieu-dit Le Château, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 71510 — 1027 metres to the south.
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
  • Perret Didier
    route de Chagny, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, 71510 — 1462 metres to the south.
  • Cargill France
    20 route de Chagny, Dennevy, 71510 — 657 metres to the northeast.
Garden Center
  • Gamm vert (Home Improvement)
    RTE DE CHAGNY, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, 71510 — 900 metres to the south.
Travel & Transportation
  • Transports Duriaut
    Z.A. du Colombier, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, 71510 — 1153 metres to the south.
Mobile Home Dealer
Grocery Store
  • Simon Jean-Pierre
    13B Route de Saint-Léger, Dennevy, 71510 — 81 metres to the south.
Community Organization
Automotive Service
Home Improvement
  • C.T.C. S.A.R.L.
    route de Chagny, Dennevy, 71510 — 762 metres to the northeast.
  • Philippe Jeannot
    21 rue Saint Leger Nyon, Saint-Sernin-du-Plain, 71510 — 1125 metres to the west.
  • Guillin
    7 rue de la Motte, Dennevy, 71510 — 354 metres to the northeast.
  • Sarl Gougler
    10 Rue de la Motte, Dennevy, 71510 — 401 metres to the east.
  • Sas Guillin
    4B Rue de la Motte, Dennevy, 71510 — 332 metres to the east.
Sports Club