Pont au Martigny

Champs Montravaux, 58340 Cercy-la-Tour, France
Pont au Martigny is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Nivernais (Main Line) between Cercy-la-Tour (1.16 kilometres to the west) and Châtillon-en-Bazois (33.42 kilometres and 16 locks to the north).
The nearest place in the direction of Châtillon-en-Bazois is Pont a Ecluse Chaumigny; 1.47 kilometres away.

Mooring here is tolerable (it's just about possible if really necessary) , mooring rings or bollards are available. Mooring north of bridge. Quiet with picnic tables, but no other facilities.

There is a bridge here.

This bridge carries a quiet country lane and is the first one east of Cercy la Tour.
Copyright: Peter Stockdale
Taken: 17 June 2018

Viewed as we approach with Cercy a short distance behind us.

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Catholic Church
  • Presbytère
    6 Place Aligre, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1078 metres to the west.
Pharmacy Drugstore
  • Pharmacie Bureau
    24 quai Antoine Lacharme, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1349 metres to the west.
Specialty Grocery Store
  • Jully (Convenience Store)
    9 avenue Louis Coudant, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1233 metres to the southwest.
Hair Salon
  • Coiffure Josette
    28 avenue louis Coudant, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1371 metres to the southwest.
Public Service
Pet Supplies
  • Ani'shopping (Pet Service, Shopping & Retail)
    48 route de Chatillon, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 491 metres to the northwest.
Retail Company
Shopping & Retail
Sports Team
  • Gymnase
    35 route de Chatillon, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 515 metres to the northwest.
City Hall
Bed and Breakfast
Elementary School
Landmark & Historical Place
Energy Company
    33 bis avenue Louis Coudant, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1314 metres to the southwest.
  • Martigny
    Lotissement du Champ de la Porte, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 204 metres to the northwest.
  • Alène (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Cercy-la-Tour — 675 metres to the southwest.
Transportation Service
  • TC transports
    59 rue de la Guette, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1314 metres to the southwest.
Garden Center
  • KIRIELNat'Agri (Wholesale & Supply Store)
    44 AVENUE LOUIS COUDANT, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1477 metres to the southwest.
Local Business
Dog Trainer
  • Pattounes & CIE (Shopping & Retail, Consulting Agency)
    48 route de Châtillon, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 483 metres to the northwest.
Parking Garage Lot
  • Place d'Aligre
    Place d' Aligre, Cercy-la-Tour, 58340 — 1159 metres to the west.
Community Organization
Arts & Entertainment
Butcher Shop
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
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