Marne au Rhin - Champagne et Bourgogne - Latéral à la Marne Jonction

Junction of Canal de la Marne au Rhin; Canal Entre Champagne et Bourgogne and Canal Latéral à la Marne at Vitry-le-François
The nearest place in the direction of Latéral à la Marne - Ainse à la Marne Jonction is Pont-canal de Saulx (Aqueduct over the River Saulx); 2.17 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Marne à la Saône - Petite Saône Jonction is Pont de Vassues; 0.34 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Marne au Rhin Ouest - Embranchement d’Houdelaincourt Jonction is Pont de N4; 0.78 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated


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Wikipedia pages that might relate to Marne au Rhin - Champagne et Bourgogne - Latéral à la Marne Jonction
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French Restaurant
  • L'Octogone
    Avenue du Perthois, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 914 metres to the east.
Buffet Restaurant
  • Asian Wok
    56 Faubourg de Châlons, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1317 metres to the west.
Advertising Agency
  • KarmaStick (Printing Service)
    3 rue André Marie Ampère, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 718 metres to the southwest.
Business Service
  • Objectif Affaires
    39 Faubourg de Saint Dizier, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1034 metres to the southwest.
Public Utility Company
  • Vitry Habitat
    6 Rue des Martyrs de la Résistance, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1353 metres to the southwest.
Fast Food Restaurant
Cargo & Freight Company
  • Vivescia Transport
    5 Rue de L' Europe, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 233 metres to the southwest.
Metal Supplier
Real Estate Agent
  • Sci Invest 51
    15 Rue Pasteur, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 850 metres to the southwest.
  • S.T.D.M
    rue des Couturières, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1346 metres to the west.
Shopping & Retail
  • E.Leclerc Vitry Le Francois
    ROUTE DE VITRY EN PERTHOIS, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 480 metres to the west.
  • Lidl
    30 Route de Vitry en Perthois, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 609 metres to the west.
  • Elivia Vitry le Francois
    rue du Bois Guillaume, ZI de Marolles, Marolles, Marne, 51300 — 984 metres to the southeast.
Cosmetics Store
  • Yves Rocher France
    1 Route de Vitry en Perthois, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 468 metres to the west.
Home Decor
  • GiFi
    4 RUE DE LA JOUETTE ZI VITRY MAROLLES, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 848 metres to the southwest.
  • GiFi
    4, RUE DE LA JOUETTE, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 940 metres to the southwest.
City Hall
Pet Store
  • Refuge Animaux
    la Haute Borne, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1083 metres to the southwest.
Furniture Store
  • Color Line 2
    1 rue Andre Marie Ampere, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 732 metres to the southwest.
Management Service
  • Nobel Plastiques
    rue du Canal, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 509 metres to the east.
  • L'Aquarium Club
    64 Faubourg De St Dizier, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 981 metres to the south.
Sunglasses & Eyewear Store
Transportation Service
Local Business
  • Groupe Bigard
    rue du Bois Guillaume, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 933 metres to the south.
  • Le Hamois
    Vitry-le-François — 1395 metres to the west.
  • Le Castor Hotel
    avenue du Perthoiszone industriel Vitry Marolles, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 965 metres to the east.
  • Tricoflex
    17 avenue Jean Juif, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 535 metres to the south.
  • Collège du Vieux Port
    58 rue du Vieux Port, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1107 metres to the west.
  • Le Grand Parc
    31 Rue du Mont Sainte-Geneviève, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1022 metres to the northwest.
Home Improvement
  • Berberi Aurel
    13 rue Victor Hugo, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1182 metres to the west.
Public & Government Service
  • Ville de Vitry-le-François (Food & Beverage, City)
    Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Vitry-le-François, 51300 — 1426 metres to the west.
Footwear Store
High School
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