River Swale

The River Swale is a small river and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Britain. It runs for 1 mile and 5½ furlongs from Swale Nab (where it joins the River Ure and the River Ouse : Yorkshire (non-tidal section)) to Myton Lane Farm (beyond which it is no longer navigable).

The exact dimensions of the largest boat that can travel on the waterway are not known. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.


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Swale Nab
Junction of Rivers Ure, Swale and Ouse (Yorkshire)
Myton Bridge (Myton-on-Swale)
Bridge built in 1868 and restored in 2002
6¾ furlongs 0 locks
Myton Lane Farm 1 mile and 5½ furlongs 0 locks
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The River Swale is a river in Yorkshire, England and a major tributary of the River Ure, which itself becomes the River Ouse, emptying into the North Sea via the Humber Estuary.

The name Swale is from the Anglo-Saxon word Sualuae meaning rapid and liable to deluge. Annual rainfall figures of 1800mm p.a. in the headwaters and 1300mm p.a. in the lower waters over a drop of 148m in 32 km, gives proof to its name. The river gives its name to the valley through which it flows, namely Swaledale.

The river and its valley are home to many types of flora and fauna typical to the Yorkshire Dales. Like similar rivers in the region, the river carves through several types of rock and has features typical of both river and glacial erosion. The River Swale has been a contributory factor in the settlements that have been recorded throughout its history. It has provided water to aid in the raising of crops and livestock, but also in the various mining activities that have occurred since Roman times and before.

The river is said to be the fastest flowing in England and its levels have been known to rise 3 metres in 20 minutes.

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