Grand Union Canal (Hertford Union Canal)

The Grand Union Canal (Hertford Union Canal) is a broad canal and is part of the Grand Union Canal. It runs for 1 mile and ¾ furlongs through 3 locks from Hertford Union Junction (where it joins the Grand Union Canal (Regent's Canal)) to Hertford Union Canal Junction (where it joins the Lee and Stort Navigation (River Lee: commercial section)).

The maximum dimensions for a boat to be able to travel on the waterway are 85 feet and 11 inches long and 15 feet and 3 inches wide. The maximum headroom is 8 feet and 2 inches. The maximum draught is 4 feet and 11 inches.

Notable features of the waterway include: Old Ford Three Locks

The navigational authority for this waterway is Canal & River Trust

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Hertford Union Junction
Junction of Regent's and Hertford Union Canals
Towpath Bridge No 54A a few yards 0 locks
Former Hertford Union Stop Lock ¼ furlongs 0 locks
Victoria Park Wharf ¼ furlongs 0 locks
Bow Wharf
Offside wharf for Canal & River Trust.
¾ furlongs 0 locks
Grove Road Bridge 1 furlong 0 locks
Crown Wharf 1¼ furlongs 0 locks
Old Ford Road Bridge 2¼ furlongs 0 locks
Victoria Park (Hackney)
Site of Victoria Wharf (Offside) - now built upon
3 furlongs 0 locks
Empire Wharf
Built upon
3½ furlongs 0 locks
Gunmakers Lane Bridge 3¾ furlongs 0 locks
Birdsfield Wharf 4½ furlongs 0 locks
Armagh Wharf 5 furlongs 0 locks
Hertford Union Top Lock Winding Hole 5¼ furlongs 0 locks
Hertford Union Top Lock No 1 5½ furlongs 0 locks
Parnell Road Footbridge
known, until about 1890, as Homerton Footpath Bridge.
5¾ furlongs 1 lock
Hertford Union Middle Lock No 2 6½ furlongs 1 lock
Wick Lane Bridge 6½ furlongs 2 locks
East Cross Route Bridge 6¾ furlongs 2 locks
Wansbeck Road Bridge 7 furlongs 2 locks
Hertford Union Bottom Lock No 3 7½ furlongs 2 locks
Hackney Wick Footbridge 1 mile and ¼ furlongs 3 locks
Hertford Union Canal Junction
Junction of Hertford Union Canal and River Lee
1 mile and ¾ furlongs 3 locks
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Wikipedia has a page about Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal in England is part of the British canal system. Its main line starts in London and ends in Birmingham, stretching for 137 miles (220 km) with 166 locks. It has arms to places including Leicester, Slough, Aylesbury, Wendover and Northampton.

The Grand Union Canal was also the original name for part of what is now part of the Leicester Line of the modern Grand Union: this latter is now generally referred to as the Old Grand Union Canal to avoid ambiguity.

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