River Wye

The River Wye is a tidal river and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Britain. It runs for 15 miles from Beachley Point (where it joins the River Severn (tidal section)) to Bigsweir Bridge (beyond which it is navigable for smaller craft).

The maximum dimensions for a boat to be able to travel on the waterway are 100 feet long and 20 feet wide. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.


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Beachley Point
Junction of the River Severn and the River Wye
Severn Road Bridge 1 mile and 1 furlong 0 locks
Chepstow Railway Bridge 3 miles 0 locks
Chepstow Town Bridge 3 miles 0 locks
Old Wye Bridge 3 miles and 2¼ furlongs 0 locks
Wintour's Leap
5 miles and 1½ furlongs 0 locks
Tintern Bridge 10 miles and 3½ furlongs 0 locks
Brockweir Bridge 11 miles and 6¾ furlongs 0 locks
Llandogo 13 miles and 6½ furlongs 0 locks
Bigsweir Bridge
Normal Tidal Limit
15 miles 0 locks
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The River Wye (Welsh: Afon Gwy) is the fifth-longest river in the UK, stretching some 215 kilometres (134 mi) from source to sea. For much of its length the river forms part of the border between England and Wales. The Wye Valley (lower part) is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Wye is important for nature conservation and recreation.

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