Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is part of the Waterways of Ireland and is made up of the Grand Canal - Main Line, the Grand Canal - New Barrow Line, the Grand Canal - Old Barrow Line, the Grand Canal - Barrow Line, the Grand Canal - Naas Branch, the Grand Canal - Corbally Branch, the Grand Canal - Edenderry Branch and the Grand Canal - Kilbeggan Branch.


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Grand Canal can refer to multiple waterways:

  • Grand Canal (China) in eastern China
  • Grand Canal (Venice) in Venice, Italy
  • Grand Canal (Ireland), between the River Shannon and Dublin in Ireland
  • Grand Canal d'Alsace in eastern France
  • GRAND Canal or Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal, proposed for Great Lakes region of North America
  • Erie Canal, New York State, United States
  • The proposed Pan Korea Grand Waterway (한반도 대운하) in South Korea, sometimes referred to as the "Grand Canal"
  • The proposed Nicaragua Grand Canal that would link the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean

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