Grand Union Canal (Oxford Canal Section)

The Grand Union Canal (Oxford Canal Section) is a broad canal and is part of the Grand Union Canal. It runs for 5 miles from Braunston Turn (where it joins the Oxford Canal (Northern Section - Main Line) and the Grand Union Canal (Grand Junction Canal - Main Line - Braunston to Norton)) to Napton Junction (where it joins the Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Napton Canal) and the Oxford Canal (Southern Section - Main Line)).

The maximum dimensions for a boat to be able to travel on the waterway are 72 feet long and 14 feet wide. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.

The navigational authority for this waterway is Canal & River Trust

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Braunston Turn
Junction of the Grand Union, Oxford and Grand Junction Canals - Bridges No 93 & No 94
Tommys Bridge No 95 ¾ furlongs 0 locks
Braunston Puddle Banks 1¾ furlongs 0 locks
Wolfhamcote Bridge No 97 4 furlongs 0 locks
Eastern End of Former Wolfamcote Loop 4¼ furlongs 0 locks
Site of Wolfamcote Railway Bridge 4¾ furlongs 0 locks
Wolfhamcote Bridge No 98 5½ furlongs 0 locks
Western End of Former Wolfamcote Loop 6½ furlongs 0 locks
Wolfamcote Winding Hole 6¾ furlongs 0 locks
Hardgreaves Bridge No 99 1 mile and 1 furlong 0 locks
Chambers Bridge No 100 1 mile and 2¼ furlongs 0 locks
Site of Nethercote Railway Bridge 1 mile and 4½ furlongs 0 locks
Nethercote Bridge No 101 1 mile and 6¼ furlongs 0 locks
Flecknoe Bridge No 102
Flecknoe village half a mile southeast
2 miles and 1½ furlongs 0 locks
New Bridge No 103 2 miles and 7 furlongs 0 locks
Lower Shuckburgh Bridge No 104
3 miles and 3½ furlongs 0 locks
Dunks Footbridge No 105 3 miles and 4½ furlongs 0 locks
Site of Shuckburgh Bridge No 106 3 miles and 5¾ furlongs 0 locks
Garners Bridge No 107 3 miles and 6½ furlongs 0 locks
Thick Thorne House Winding Hole 3 miles and 6¾ furlongs 0 locks
Nimrod Bridge No 108 4 miles and 3¼ furlongs 0 locks
Wigrams Turn Marina 5 miles 0 locks
Napton Junction
Junction of Grand Union and Oxford Canals
5 miles 0 locks
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Wikipedia has a page about Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal in England is part of the British canal system. Its main line starts in London and ends in Birmingham, stretching for 137 miles (220 km) with 166 locks. It has arms to places including Leicester, Slough, Aylesbury, Wendover and Northampton.

The Grand Union Canal was also the original name for part of what is now part of the Leicester Line of the modern Grand Union: this latter is now generally referred to as the Old Grand Union Canal to avoid ambiguity.

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