La Sarthe

The La Sarthe is a commercial waterway and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Europe. It runs for 132 kilometres through 20 locks from Le Mans (which is a dead end) to Mayenne - Maine - Sarthe Jonction (where it joins the La Mayenne and the River Maine).

The exact dimensions of the largest boat that can travel on the waterway are not known. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.


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Le Mans
Northern head La Sarthe
Ecluse 1 Le Mans 2.72 kilometres 0 locks
Sarthe - Huisne Jonction
Junction of the River Sarthe with the River Huisne
3.65 kilometres 1 lock
Ecluse 2 La Raterie 6.53 kilometres 1 lock
Ecluse 3 Chaoue 7.93 kilometres 2 locks
Ecluse 4 Spay 16.58 kilometres 3 locks
Ecluse 5 Roézé sur Sarthe 24.17 kilometres 4 locks
Ecluse 6 La Suze sur Sarthe 29.25 kilometres 5 locks
Ecluse 7 Fercé sur Sarthe 34.88 kilometres 6 locks
Ecluse 8 Noyen 43.42 kilometres 7 locks
Ecluse 9 Malicorne sur Sarthe 49.71 kilometres 8 locks
Ecluse 10 Ignières 58.20 kilometres 9 locks
Ecluse 11 Parcé sur Sarthe 61.18 kilometres 10 locks
Ecluse 12 Courtigné 64.52 kilometres 11 locks
Ecluse 13 Juigné sur Sarthe 70.53 kilometres 12 locks
Ecluse 14 Solesmes 72.74 kilometres 13 locks
Sarthe - L'Erve Jonction
Junction of the River Sarthe with the River Erve
75.50 kilometres 14 locks
Ecluse 15 Sablé sur Sarthe 75.92 kilometres 14 locks
Ecluse 16 Beffes 83.61 kilometres 15 locks
Ecluse 17 Pendu 89.96 kilometres 16 locks
Ecluse 18 Villechien 95.87 kilometres 17 locks
Ecluse 19 Châteauneuf sur Sarthe 104.22 kilometres 18 locks
Ecluse 20 Cheffes 112.89 kilometres 19 locks
Sarthe - Le Loir Jonction
Junction of the River Sarthe with the River Loir
122.39 kilometres 20 locks
Mayenne - Maine - Sarthe Jonction
Junction of the Mayenne, River Maine and the River Sarthe at Angers
132 kilometres 20 locks
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