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What's new

Data editing

There are several known areas where CanalPlanAC's data could be improved - edited, validated or moved around on pages. See these and help improve the site.

Changing the data

If you have noticed that some of the data is out of date - you want to add a bridge or a marina for example - you can do this yourself. Simply log in, visit the nearest existing place to the new one in the gazetteer and use the "edit" feature in the menu. If you have problems, report what you have done as a new issue; someone will help you and it will make me aware of where the instructions aren't good enough.

Similarly if the dimensions of a waterway - the headroom, length, width or depth are wrong or missing you can do this yourself. Visit the waterway in the gazetteer and use the "edit" feature in the menu.

More information (although it needs work; improving the help pages is also something users can do themselves) is available on the help pages.

Reporting bugs

If you have found an actual bug: a miscalculation, something that doesn't work as you'd expect, or there's something you'd like to do that the program doesn't seem to allow you do, please report it as a bug or request for improvement.

Before July 2015 we had been using Google's "code" to track bugs. This is being withdrawn and is already read-only. Links to issues from these pages in the change log have been re-coded to point to an internal version of the pages, and an index of these issues is available here

CanalPlanAC now has its own bug-tracking system using a free package called mantis. With some nifty coding we've been able to make it so that you don't need a separate account: as long as you are logged into CanalPlan you can report a bug or request a new feature.

If you aren't logged on, I recommend you do so now using the links in the menu sidebar.

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