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You can change pretty well all the information in the CanalPlanAC database, from noting how good a place is to moor, minor adjustments like the exact coordinates of a place or correcting a misspelling in some text, via adding new places and changing the order right up to adding a new waterway.

You need to be logged on for almost all significant changes. If you have an account just click on Log in/Create Account at the top of the left-hand menu bar. If not go to Login / Create an account for more info on creating an account. Features for which you don't need to be logged on are marked with a yellow star in the text below. Note that in many cases editing menus and options are not displayed if you are not logged on. When logged in, you will find that various areas of the display change when you move the mouse over them: they take on a pale yellow background with a dotted line round them, and the text click to edit may be shown.

Many areas of text can be edited. For example the place name, user comments, mooring comments. Each of these is listed below, but editing them is the same in all cases. Just click on the field when it is highlighted, and an editing box will be displayed. Change the text in there (anything from correcting a misspelling to writing a new and detailed comment about the place) and press Save to make your changes. Cancel discards your changes and returns to the normal display. It's helpful to add a short reason for edit, which is shown when changes are listed. This doesn't need to be anything more than correcting typo, information updated, missing information added or similar.

Add new info

To add new information for a place you should be displaying the place in the gazetteer (except for adding a new place). This is the standard CanalPlanAC place display with the place name at the top of the page.

Edit, Move and Delete

When it has been created you will be taken to the feature's gazetteer page where you can edit details such as the length, add photos and navigational notes etc.

Major edit

Add or edit website

If a website exists it can be deleted or edited.

Waterway Editing

Edit Waterway

Edit Distances

Add navigational note

Add Books

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