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How to help improve these help pages

If you want to help edit these pages you will need to have editing permissions enabled on your account. To do this just request it by creating an issue in the Canalplan Bug Tracker. Please include your CanalPlanAC userid to make it clear which account needs activating.

You will then see an "edit" button at the top and bottom of each page.

Pages are written in Creole markup language. When editing the "help" button will pop up the Creole "cheat sheet" which describes the basic formatting.

You can use a shortcut link format to link to other pages on the CanalPlanAC site, and to other useful sites.

So, for example [[wiki:changes]] links to the "What's new" page like this wiki:changes. [[wiki:changes|What's new]] shows how you can put any text you like in the link - like this What's new.

The names of all "help" pages are prefixed with help: - these are the only ones you can edit. So, for example, [[wiki:help:index]] is a link to the home page of the help system.

Other useful link formats are:

To create a new help page, just link to it from an existing page, follow the link and then use edit on the page that is displayed. Remember to give the new page a title as well as some content.

Note that the "names" of pages (this page is called "help:improve-help") are only used in links, it's the "title" that is displayed in the browser when the page is displayed.

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