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The photo page shows the most recently added photos, move your mouse over them to find out more, click to see a larger image.

Contributors and their totals of photographs are listed, click on the user name to go to their user page or send a message.

If you are listed under more than one name, register this as an "issue" using the Changes, bugs & ideas link, and the entries will be merged. Include the name you want for the combined entry as this will change the name on all your photos wherever they are shown anywhere on the site.

Add a Photo

— A photo can be added from the Main Menu, Photo page by selecting Photo or from the Gazetteer Place Page by selecting ‚ÄČAdd new info and Photo.

Submit a photograph - stage 1

Important Copyright Information

You retain the copyright to any photographs you upload to CanalPlanAC. Please select the terms under which you will permit others to make use of it.

Note that the default licence has changed (December 27 2011) to be much more permissive - you can still use the old licence if you prefer.

Select From:-


By continuing past this point you are consenting to these conditions

Any dimensions for the photo are fine as long as it is of reasonable quality - the program will resize it automatically. However there is an upper limit to the file size of 2 megabytes to reduce the load on the server.

Select the file for your photograph of Gazetteer Place

Browse allows the selection of one photo which then shows the following item.

Selected file: Photo01.jpg

If you have made a mistake Browse will allow the selection of another photo.

Back returns to the current Gazetteer Place

Next continues to Stage 2

Submit a photograph - stage 2

This screen shows the following information.

Please provide a caption for the photo (this is shown under the photograph on the index page).

Add any other information you want about the photo.

Next uploads the photo to CanalPlanAC

If you have selected the Main Menu, Photo page an additional option Show deleted Photos is displayed. This page shows photos that have been deleted from CanalPlanAC. A few users have the ability to delete them permanently or restore them to the original place. If you do, when you click on a photo to view it full-size you'll have buttons for the purpose below it.

Editing photos

Click on the photo displayed as a thumbnail in a Gazetteer Place. You will see the photo with the caption and photographer credit. Click again and a menu will appear.

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